What do High-Performance Workplaces Do Differently?

Gallup has discovered that one of the most important factors
when creating a high-performance workplace is ensuring there is a
high-development culture that values the growth of individuals. Those businesses
that make strategic investments in employee development are twice as likely to
retain their employees.

To create a high development culture you need to add learning
programs and development plans to the roster. This can be achieved by following
these four strategies that set the highest-performing workplaces apart:

Protecting their investment in employee
development while focusing on increasing employee engagement.
Business leaders
often fear that they will invest time into developing their employees’ only to
have them walk away. Although this does happen, the best way to prevent this
from happening is through employee engagement. If employees are not engaged in
their work and committed to the company, then there is a higher chance that
they wont stay with an organization or perform at their best.

They avoid the most common
misunderstanding about development.
Most often companies define growth and
development with promotions. Although this is a good incentive and reward, it doesn’t
always have to be. The employees who are really good at what they are doing, don’t
necessarily always expect a promotion as much as they want to grow. Allowing employees
to understand themselves and develop their strengths is what is important.

Their managers are highly involved in the
development of individuals—they act as coaches, not bosses.
Employees see
their managers closer than the HR or leadership in their daily activities, so
it is more likely that they understand how to develop employees and engage with
them. Employees are more likely to learn and grow when the receive immediate
feedback that is specific to them; because of this, managers become the perfect
people to coach their employees.

Their leadership owns the culture change
(not HR alone).
The fundamental driver of culture change is commitment from
leadership to high-performance workplace practices. When the C-level officers
model a focus on development, managers and employees will begin to mimic that
focus and apply it to themselves. This behavior change is crucial to making culture
change stick.

best employees will always seek development. High achieving employees continuously
seek purpose and development, they always want to grow and be better. If they
are engaged in your at your company and you provide growth and development opportunities,
they won’t have a reason to leave and you will have the highest talent.


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