Human Resources Outsourcing

If you are a small or mid-sized company, having a full Human Resources team to support your company with the initiatives that come from years of combined expertise can seem beyond your means. There is where Converge HR comes in. By establishing a collaborative and responsive relationship with the companies, we deliver the same services you would get from a full HR team, without the overhead.

Audits & Assessments

We offer audits and assessments for employees at every stage of the employment process. Whether they are a new hire, an existing employee, or you need to do an exit interview, we can provide you with insight into the job they are doing. Our human resources auditing and assessment services include:

  • Pre-employment
  • I-9 audits
  • Employee file audits
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Compliance audit training
Employee Orientation & Onboarding

Hiring new employees is an exciting time for the business and the employees, but can also come with its own set of challenges. Getting those employees vetted, hired, and up to speed can be time consuming and often lead to missed steps or lost work. That is why Converge HR offers comprehensive onboarding and orientation services including:

  • Regulatory compliance paperwork
  • Employment applications
  • Offer letters
  • Background checks
  • Onboarding process development
Vendor Management

While you may not think of vendor management as an HR task, your relationship with your vendor does indeed fall within those constructs. You need to know how to set up a contract with them, how much to pay them, what their responsibilities are, and you need to allocate time and resources to check in with them regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly. We can take those aspects of vendor management off of your plate so all you need to worry about is the work that is getting done. Our vendor management services include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Liaison between vendors
  • We can recommend vendor solutions or work with current vendors
  • Employee benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Payroll services
    Human resources information systems (HRIS)
  • Wellness
  • Talent solutions
  • Executive search
  • Organizational surveys
Regulatory Compliance

Making sure that your company is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws relevant to your industry can be time consuming. For many industries regulations change often, and keeping up with them can be a full time job! That is why we offer services to make sure that you and your employees are kept informed and your policies and procedures up to date with the current regulations in your area. Our compliance services include:

  • Federal/State postings
  • Comprehensive compliance auditing
  • Compliance reporting, prioritization & recommendations
  • File maintenance and HR record-keeping
  • EEO, OSHA, DOL updates

Our employee training services are a great way to make sure your best people keep working while we handle the time intensive process of training. Our training is customized to fit your company’s needs and policies and includes:

  • Management development
  • Management/leadership
  • Legal obligations
  • Managing performance
  • Legal hiring
  • Documentation
  • Conducting investigations
  • Managing conflict
Performance Management

Performance management can be one of the most difficult parts of managing employees. It takes time to make sure everyone’s performance is on track, identify areas of improvement, and provide additional resources and training to underperforming employees. Converge is able to come alongside your company and support your management staff in making sure that your employees understand what is expected of them, are performing well, and receive the training and support they need to excel. Our performance management services include:

  • Performance improvement plans
  • Performance metrics
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance reviews
  • Training
Employee Relations

Employee relations is one of the more delicate areas of business for any company. An employee who isn’t following company policy can lead to interpersonal conflict, lower morale for their co-workers, and in some cases, legal trouble for the company. Converge has the experience to handle these situations with professionalism and without personal bias. Our employee relations services include:

  • Guidance across all aspects of employee relations:
    • Hiring
    • Performance, & discipline matters
    • Termination
    • Off-boarding
    • Complaint management
  • Progressive discipline
  • Management support and advice
  • Documentation
Employee Compensation

When it comes to paying your employees fairly, there are a lot of factors to consider. We can handle all the hard work of researching, planning, and executing everything from base to pay to reward programs. Our employee compensation services include:

  • Market analysis/benchmarking
  • Structure design
  • Incentive/reward program design
  • Transition plans
  • Ongoing maintenance/annual reviews
  • Annual updates (merit, bonus, incentives)
  • Pay philosophy
Employee Handbook & Policies

Does your company have an employee handbook with your policies clearly laid out? Having clearly stated expectations for behavior in an easy to reference handbook is vital to running a successful business. From paid time off to how employees are expected to conduct themselves, it can save your company a lot of time and expense to have a well put together set of policies. Our employee handbook and policies services include:

  • Paid time off policies
  • Travel policies
  • Corrective action policies
  • EEO compliance
  • Handbook updates and creation
  • Social media policies
  • Updates on regulatory guidelines

How We Can Help You.


Maximize your resources

By drawing upon Converge’s expertise and staff, your employees no longer have to expend time and effort struggling with the complexities of HR. You can focus on your core business and invest all of your personnel and energies toward performance, productivity, and profit.


Maximize HR efficiency

Converge can help improve your overall HR program; leading to an enhanced reputation as an employer of choice. Having the right HR programs in place will attract and develop the right talent.


Ensure HR regulatory compliance

HR is intertwined with legalities, regulations, policies, etc. With Converge’s expert consultants working for you, you can be confident that you are always in compliance – thereby avoiding fines, lawsuits, and employee entanglements.

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Reducing time spent on HR operations

Allowing you to focus on growing your business


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