The Benefits of Implementing Unlimited Vacation to Your Workplace

An unlimited
amount of time off sounds intriguing to employees but, for employers it sounds
risky. Lisa Shapiro, the Payroll Manager at the Motley Fool addresses the perks
of using unlimited paid time off as a tool for companies, and how to know
whether or not it will work in your office.

One of the
most obvious benefits of implementing an unlimited amount of time off is
attracting top talent to your company. Along with bringing in top talent,
having an unlimited amount of time off keeps employees happy, and refreshed so
that they are able to execute tasks at their best ability.

Lisa notes
three questions that employers and managers should ask themselves before
implementing such flexibility in their workplace, in order to assure that this
freedom will work in their offices.

1.     Do you trust your employees?

2.     Is leadership setting the example?

3.     Do you really appreciate the need for
employee time off?

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