Temperature and Mask Orders

Across the country Governors and public health
officials alike are enforcing strict measures to help contain the spread of
COVID-19 as the country prepares to open. Namely, many states are encouraging
employees who are able to work from others, and imposing requirements, like
face coverings, for those who must physically attend work. 

Some jurisdictions are going further, and health
screenings, temperature checks, and even COVID-19 tests. The information below
outlines the state requirements as of June 12th, 2020.

Please note this only covers
generally applicable requirements, and not heightened requirements for certain
types of work such as health care workers, first responders, and law
enforcement.  Further be sure to check your local requirements, as they
may differ from your state.


  • Mask Orders: Required. Employers must provide employees with face coverings to wear while working in areas open to the general public, and areas within 6 feet of other staff. Further at their own expense businesses must provide hand sanitizer for employees. 
  • Temperature Screening: Required for all high-risk businesses, and recommended for all others. Employees must be asked about  and report a body temperature above 99.5* F. 
  • Additional Health Screenings: Required for high-risk businesses, and recommended for all other Businesses should screen incoming employees with a basic questionnaire.

New Jersey:

  • Mask Orders Required. Customers and employees of all essential retail businesses must wear cloth face coverings. Employees must
        also wear gloves when in contact with customers or goods. Businesses must
        provide these face coverings and gloves at their own expense. Further
        masks are required for workers (and visitors) on construction sight, as
        well as agricultural workers. The law also specifies that NJ Transit and
        private transit companies must require workers and customers to wear cloth
        face coverings on trains. 
  • Temperature Screening: Required for workers in agricultural as well as restaurants or other food and beverage establishments. Agricultural workers need a screen prior to each shift, and restaurant workers need one daily. 
  • Additional Health Screenings: Required for all workers in agricultural as well as restaurants as well as other food and beverage establishments. 


  • Mask Orders Required. Employers permitted to maintain in-person business must wear a mask during their time at the business, and   make mandatory requirements to wear masks on work sites (except during
        break time to eat or drink). Businesses shall require customers to wear
        masks and deny entry to those not wearing masks (except those with medical    conditions or under two). 
  • Temperature Screening: Recommended generally, and  required for employees with confirmed exposure. Employees may take  employees temperatures before they begin work and send them home if the
        temperature is 100.4* F or above. Businesses must implement screenings if  the business has been exposed to a probable or confirmed case of COVID19.
  • Additional Health Screenings: Required for construction employees. They must employ basic CDC screening guidelines, and prohibit any worker with COVID-19 symptoms from working.


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