Pennsylvania Unemployment Law Update

Pennsylvania Governor Wolf has signed Act 9 of
2020 into law, which includes Section 206.1 of the Pennsylvania Unemployment
Compensation (UC) Law. This section requires employers to notify employees, at
the time of separation, of unemployment compensation that they will be eligible
for. Further, this section created the Employer Information UC-1609 form, for
employers to satisfy the notification requirement. When an employee is
separated from the company or has their hour reduced you must complete this new

Key takeaways about Section 206.1 and UC-1609
form are:

  • You must provide it to each employee at the time of
        separation from the company, or when you reduce the employee’s hours
  • You must deliver it individually to each employee
  • The method of delivery is up to you (in person, mail, email, etc.)
  • Mandatory postings about UC do not meet this
  • If the separation or closing is unexpected, you are still required to satisfy the notification requirement of Section 206.1

Not only is the form mandatory to inform
employees about UC, but it is designed to provide accurate information to
assist them in filing for UC. If the information on their UC claim is
incorrect, it can create delays that can lead to incorrect determinations
(which can increase your tax rate). The form not only helps the employee, but
also helps your company by reducing inaccurate claims, and subsequently,
inaccurate charges to your account (that would require time and energy from you
to remove).

You can find more information on the UC Office
website here 

Download the form here in English or Spanish 


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