Out with the Old, in with the New: Informal Performance Check-ins Replacing Formal Performance Reviews


It’s out
with the old and in with the new! In this case, the old refers to formal
performance reviews, and the new is frequent informal performance check-ins or
‘quick check-ins”.  

are beginning to frequent informal check-ins, and shy away from the formal
performance reviews. In 2017, informal check-ins grew 8% among companies where
feedback reports come from 16% of surveyed companies, mostly large companies.

Why are
employers making this change? Most managers (95 percent) are unhappy with them,
and HR professionals do not see them as an accurate measurement of performance.
Employers find formal performance appraisals to be unrewarding for  high performers, disrespectful at times, and
time consuming. Formal performance reviews run the risk of being a potential
trap for the unwary, and as a result HR professionals end up being blamed for
the entire process.

switch became known when Adobe made the jump to quick check-ins because of
frustration with annual performance reviews back in 2012.

switch? Quick check-ins provide expectations, feedback, and potential
development for the future without having to include records and annual

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Article source: http://bit.ly/2sv6J9x

Picture Source: pexels.com


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