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Could you even imagine the recruiting process without modern technology?  The COVID crisis especially has catapulted us into the digital world, and long gone are the days of file cabinets and stacks of paper; instead, we face overflowing inboxes and cloud storage. But yet, human resources is inherently human. So many tasks simply can and will never be automated. So many tasks from creating job descriptions, sourcing candidates, and conducting interviews are now done virtually, but by a real person.

Yet this does not mean HR needs to be the cavemen of the business world, and there are many areas where implementing automated recruiting can prove to be cost-effective, strategic, and overall improve your hiring decisions. Here are four.

1. Resume Screening

Reading and reviewing resumes to create a shortlist based on skills, experience, and qualifications is skilled and time-consuming work. Implementing a resume tool can allow recruiters to start from their shortlist, and only need to review top candidates. Further, it prevents resumes of potentially great hires from getting lost in the shuffle.

2. Bias-Free Recruitment

Especially relevant with the current social-justice movements, recruiters want to be able to hire the best candidate for the job, without bias. Technology allows fields such as age, and gender can be hidden on a resume to allow for the most genuine recruiting.

3. Interview Scheduling

Despite the fact that many of us are social distancing, and rarely leave our homes, we still have jam-packed calendars. There is no reason not to use technology,
specifically scheduling bots to provide candidates with real-time access to a manager’s calendar, so the interview can be quickly scheduled at a time that works best for all involved. These programs can also automatically send up an email to both the interviewer and interview with all pertinent information for the interview.

4. Candidate Experience

Providing a candidate with excellent experience is simply a requirement in today’s world. Requiring candidates to fill out lengthy job applications (especially if you then require a resume), will simply cause them to click off your sight. Technology allows you to simplify this process, and create ease for both yourself and your

In the words of Steve Wynn “Human Resources isn’t a thing we do; it’s the thing that runs our business.” If you need assistance with your hiring practices or any other aspect of HR, please reach out.

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