Is the Summer “Slump” Real?

The approach of summer has HR managers
finding that their employee’s minds are somewhere on vacation or anywhere but
work. The question is, do these summer distractions cause employees to be less

A 2012 study by the Harvard Business School
found that with increasing sunny days in the summer, employees are less
productive. As oppose to rainy days when they are more likely to get their work
done with no distraction of leaving early to get to the beach, or calling in

Encouraging employees to take vacation makes
them feel like their employers care about them, and therefore they are more
motivated when they work. The vice president of the research group, Time Off,
Katie Denis mentions that “productivity, creativity and bringing new ideas
forward [don’t come from] the person who’s working crazy hours. It’s someone
who’s getting outside of their day-to-day” routine”.

In order to achieve this, managers and
employers are encouraged to talk about their own plans and vacations with

Taking a break from the normal work routine
during the summer months, and creating activities to make it a more fun
environment can help keep employees energized, and motivated to go to
work.  Some suggested activities include,
picnics, parties, volunteering at local charities, or giving employees time
during the day to take a training course and attend professional conferences.

Embracing the summer “slump” helps motivate
employees to be productive during the time that they spend working in these
distracting months.  

At converge HR Solutions, people are our passion. We can
assist your company in understanding employee engagement and can help you in
creating an all-around positive work environment not only for these summer
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