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is constantly becoming more advanced which calls for managers to increase their
awareness for types of technology that will prove to be even more effective and
efficient than what is already in place. Human Resource Information Systems
(HRIS) have continually gone through transformations to get us to where the
industry is today. HRIS has grown from basic manual entry systems into advanced
computer systems that are more popular today. Human Resources or Human Capital
Management has seen growth in the number of employees that need to be managed
as well as new technology that needs to be learned. This technology is a vital
part of the HR cycle because it allows organizations to keep more accurate
records as well as better prepare and predict for the future.

able to utilize systems that make daily tasks faster and simpler allows for HR focus
to shift to accomplish more goals. The HRIS includes applications like clerical
applications, applicant search expenditures, risk management, training
management, training expenditures, financial planning, turnover analysis,
succession planning, flexible benefits administration, compliance with
government regulations, attendance reporting and analysis, human resource
planning, accident reporting, and prevention and strategic planning. Numerous
companies have already benefited from uses applications from HRIS. The
article below explains how using certain applications can ensure accurate and
reliable information making some HR tasks easier to deal with. One these tasks
are dealt with a company can now focus on other HR priorities.

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