HR Trend of the Week: Modern Recruiting

There is no question that the entire business world is
changing in major part to the rise of modern technology. Recruiting and
retaining talent is now at the top of the list of business challenges in 2016.
Organizations are beginning to recognize that what used to work for them in
their recruiting efforts is quickly becoming outdated. A new generation of
employees is circulating through the hiring process, prompting recruiters to
question their long-standing methods.

Smart companies know that they’re only as good as their best
workers, and will prioritize seeking out the best of the best for their
organizations. Therefore, it’s important to consider what’s on the horizon for
this important area of business operations.

Hiring in the Digital Age

Gone are the days of submitting a
paper résumé – nearly everything related to recruiting can now be done online
aside from the in-person interview. Recruiters have realized the value of the
insight a digital profile can provide, such as a LinkedIn page. Screening
methods can be primarily served through social media and other web-based technologies.
Modern representations of individual experiences, skills and aptitudes that
exist purely in the digital realm may someday replace résumés altogether. Phone
screens and first round interviews are being replaced by the high-tech video
interviews to streamline the hiring process.

Sourcing is the New Recruiting

Previously, the key skills in
recruiting were interviewing, reference checking, and facilitating candidates
through the recruitment process. Nowadays the two key new skills are sourcing
and selling. There is more demand than there is supply for the most highly
valued people, so if you want them on your team, you need to recruit them when
they’re not looking for a job. In addition, even when the very best candidates
are actively looking for new opportunities, they get snapped up quickly, making
your chances of finding them through traditional means like job boards slim. To
get started, experts suggest looking through a candidate’s social media
profiles and anywhere else they have a web presence, since today’s
professionals expect employers to search for them and take their online
branding and positioning very seriously.

More Sophistication in Data Analytics

Recruiters are now experimenting
with the most efficient ways to sort through data obtained through profiles and
social networks in order to increase their time actually hiring. High-quality
analytics programs are being applied to candidate data to help businesses make
better strategic decisions. Candidate information will increasingly get the
“big data treatment” so recruiters can quickly and easily locate the
best people for the job, experts say. Through innovative assessment and
filtering techniques, companies will better predict which candidates are most
likely to be a good fit for a position, and which are not.  

While digital tools and technology will never fully replace
the human instinct necessary for identifying the right candidates, an ability
to stay on top of technological trends could be a recruiter’s biggest advantage
going forward. If your department has not been moving forward with technology
in the recruiting process, it is time to take a look at some simple steps you
can take to ensure your organization stays competitive in the increasingly
cutthroat and complicated talent acquisition market.

Key Takeaways:

1. Modernize your screening methods by using social
media and online profiles

2. Recruit the passive employee – someone who is
not looking for a job but is open to new opportunities

3. Make sure your analytics programs are helping you
be the most efficient recruiter

4. Continue to stay up to date with technological

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