HR Trend of the Week: Modern Benefits

In the age of companies like Google who are renowned for
their offering of unique office perks, such as chiropractors and massage
therapists on its campus, business owners are scrambling to offer the next best
thing to job seekers. A study by job and career site Glassdoor revealed that
more than 20 percent of employees think perks — like free food and drinks,
casual dress codes and pet-friendly offices — are among the most important
workplace benefits.

HR recruiters know that a good benefits package can make a
huge difference in attracting and retaining the best talent. While a
comprehensive health plan and paid vacation time still sit at the top of the
priority list for candidates, offering one or two unique incentives are what
may ultimately draw someone in.

Here are some of the newer benefit programs HR professionals
are experimenting with in their recruiting efforts:

No Official Work Hours

Many modern
organizations are playing into the idea of work hours being exceptionally
flexible. Employees are not bound to the 9 to 5 workday, but instead put in the
necessary hours that it takes to get their work done. Focusing on measuring the
completion of tasks allows for time spent in the office to be up to the
employee. It’s worth noting that many companies with this policy expect their
employees to respect its terms, meaning if someone is caught abusing their
freedom, they will be shown the door.

Focus on Family

Family leave
is a current hot button topic in many workplaces, and smart organizations know
that offering an extensive plan for parents-to-be is extremely attractive to
job seekers. Companies like Facebook offer generous programs, including four
months of paid parental leave, reimbursement for day care and adoption fees,
and up to $4,000 in “baby cash” after their child is born. As
companies increase their support of working families, offering benefits
tailored to family life is in the business’s best interest.

Total Wellness

In addition
to offering health plans that include extra coverage for things like dental and
eye care, in-house wellness programs are now a common addition to employee
benefits packages. Healthy eating programs that include organic lunch for staff
members, on-site fitness centers, and visits from massage therapists are
becoming immensely popular in the workplace.

 Education Reimbursement

education is undoubtedly valuable to any employee, but it’s a privilege that
not everyone can afford. Larger organizations are providing opportunities for
employees to earn a higher degree at the expense of the company, while smaller
organizations are contributing financial assistance for educational interests.
More recently, some companies are offering to help pay off or completely cover
any student debt a candidate may have accrued.

Volunteering Opportunities

who are specifically known for their social consciousness, value brands and
employers that emphasize giving back to their local community and beyond. In
order to attract the cream of the crop of this generation, providing paid time
off or flexible work hours in the benefits package to engage in volunteer
activities may be just what candidates are looking for. Philanthropy not only
makes employees feel like they are doing their part, but reflects positively on
the organization as a whole.

Unique perks should be designed to reflect company culture
and be relevant to the overall mission of the organization. There’s no
checklist of “best employee benefits,” nor should there be. Benefits packages
should be tailored to meet the needs of or appeal to your employees. Including
modern amenities that make your organization stand out in your benefits package
may be the difference between hiring a good employee and hiring a great one.

Key Takeaways:

1. Benefits packages can make a huge difference in
attracting and retaining talent

2. Offer benefits that are relevant to your
organizational culture

3. Consider the wants needs of different
generations to tailor your offer

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