HR Trend of the Week: Improving the Employee Experience

Your employees are the gateway to your customers who
ultimately authenticate your business. Employees will offer their loyalty and
hard work in exchange for gained experience and skills they can use on a daily
basis. If your employees are happy, your customers will be happy. So, how can
you ensure that your employees are actually

The employee experience is rising to be one of the most
important aspects of business in today’s highly competitive market. It is also
the “great differentiator: as most products and services can be replicated, but
employee loyalty and satisfaction generally cannot.

As the line blurs between personal and work life due to the
accessibility of email, voicemail, and instant communication, employees are
feeling the stress and responsibility to be available at all times.  Thus, the expectation for the workplace to be
a positive space is growing.  Employees
want to know they are valued, respected, and heard. This must be monitored by
the person(s) responsible for HR in order to retain and grow talent in the

While many marketing and sales departments within businesses
are focused on improving the customer experience to increase revenue, smart
businesses will see these efforts translate directly to the employee
experience. Streamlining technology, providing an outlet to address concerns,
and making sure people know that they are being taken care of are aspects of
the customer experience that have been some of the most important in the last
decade. Developing culture, setting clear expectations, allowing for
flexibility, providing feedback and meaningful work are all critical.  While challenging, these need to be
integrated as aspects of the employee experience.

Keeping employees engaged is a great way to guarantee that
the employee experience has a positive connotation. Feeling underwhelmed by
tasks should not be a common idea expressed throughout an organization.
Employees want a challenge, and you should be able to give them one. Finding
the right people that know how to lead can inspire them on a journey to success
and on the way create an exemplary brand.

The journey to success should not be a lonely one. Creating
a warm, caring environment without sacrificing professionalism should be at the
top of your priority list to foster positivity and productivity. Celebrating
the good things that happen in the workplace – birthdays, getting the big
client, etc. – can show employees that they are considered and appreciated.
Being flexible, whether that means through their hours or their completion of
tasks, demonstrates respect that will be reciprocated with their hard work.
Nurture a sense of belonging and feelings of honesty by allowing employees to
share their ideas frequently and letting them be involved with aspects of the

The person(s) responsible for HR have one of the most challenging
jobs: considering how everyone else likes their job. Increasing employee
satisfaction through modifications to the overall experience will certainly
give you less headaches to deal with on a daily basis. Your job (and everyone
else’s) will be more satisfying and fulfilling through strategies that you can
implement today.

Key Takeaways:

1. Define your culture and involve employees in
this process

2. Assess engagement and satisfaction with your

3. Ensure managers are demonstrating commitment

4. Review work/life strategies and related policies

5. Set clear expectations, challenge employees and
provide on-going feedback

6. Celebrate success and have fun

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