How to Help Employees Mind Their Manners in an Online World

Today’s organization operates in a world of
24/7 connectivity, social media and streaming video, where any message can
travel farther and faster than ever before—and quickly trend online. Likewise,
millions of employees are increasingly being asked to integrate mobile devices
and Internet-based apps into their daily routines. But what rules of modern etiquette
should be observed when using high-tech tools to conduct business or social
networks to communicate?

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Establishing a Social Media Policy

  •  Make it clear to employees what’s OK to share
        online, how and when to do so, and the most appropriate manner in which to
        conduct outreach efforts. With every employee a brand ambassador, training
        should begin the first day on the job to reinforce and instill the
        importance of these corporate values. Establishing formal rules of
        engagement, clearly communicating them to workers and explaining what’s
        expected from hires are crucial.
  • For the sake of clarity and assurance of appropriate
        conduct, post formal guidelines for online communication within your own
        corporate blogs, communities and online venues, public-facing or
        otherwise. Having established guidelines in place helps set expectations
        upfront and helps you address any issues that may arise, such as having to
        ban argumentative users or remove inappropriate posts.

Expressing Your Brand’s Online Personality

  • When people go to social media sites, they expect
        exchanges to be more personal, more immediate and more engaging. Be less
        formal, but make sure you teach employees to adhere to the rules and
        guidelines your organization sets forth about your brand, message and tone
        of voice while also creating value for your audience.
  • The use of humor may be appropriate depending on the
        context. However, it should be the same sort of humor that is acceptable
        for use in an office or business casual setting. Avoid risqué or
        controversial statements.

Determining Tone of Voice and Attitude

  • Professionalism is imperative. Remind workers that if
        they wouldn’t say it in a social or work setting, they shouldn’t say it
  • Politeness and respect are vital. Teach members of your
        organization to always be considerate of others and to treat them with
  • Maintain a positive tone and attitude. Negativity,
        complaints and condescending messages often reflect poorly on the poster.

With proper training and
guidance, every employee can practice online manners that reflect
positively on them and your organization. It’s important to create policies for
online communications, and to ensure all of your employees understand your
expectations. For help creating these policies, employee relations, and
everything in between, Converge HR Solutions is your go-to for any of your HR
needs. Visit
our website for more information visit Contact us directly at or 610-296-8550.


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