Google Ends Age Discrimination Suit with $11 Million Settlement


In order to end a class action lawsuit Google has agreed to pay out
$11 million to 227 former applicants who have accused the company of discriminating
towards people over the age of 40.  On
July 19th, a federal judge granted that each plaintiff collect an
estimated $35,000.  Also the parent
company Alphabet Inc. must start to train employees and managers about age
bias.  This issue was first brought to
light by a software engineer who was declined a job four different times and in
her opinion it was always in favor of a younger worker based on culture

In a 2018 AARP study, roughly 61% of respondents over the
age of 45 reported seeing age based discrimination.  Of those 61% around 38% said they believe the
practice is very common.  The Baby Boomer
generation is feeling this more than anyone else.  53% of their generation feels they have been
discriminated against due to their age.
Even more eye opening, 70% of Baby Boomers who feel they are over
qualified for their job say they have experienced age discrimination in the

By 2024 nearly 1 in 4 people in the workforce will be 55 or
over according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
This represents the fastest growing labor group in the entire United
States.  In the group there are over 3
million people looking for full-time jobs at any given time.  Many of these workers say the biggest barrier
to getting a job at this point in not a lack of skills, but ageism
instead.  Companies have been receiving more
criticism after it came out that hundreds of employers are shutting out middle
aged Americans in their recruiting processes on Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, and
other platforms.

To avoid being sued for age discrimination there are many
actions an employer can take.  It should
start off by taking a look at job descriptions and recruiting materials to make
sure there is no ageist language.  By
doing this you are boosting up your diversity and inclusion strategies. The Age
Discrimination in Employment Act has forbidden discrimination against people
who are 40 or older.  If you or your company
needs help making the workplace more inclusive and diverse please feel free to
contact us at (610)-296-8550 or  

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