Changes to COVID 19 Quarantine Regulations

Additional guidance was
released Wednesday by the CDC on recommendations for quarantine after being
exposed to COVID-19.  Below is an excerpt from the CDC
which discusses options to reduce quarantine times.

“CDC and other scientists have explored changing the current
recommendation to quarantine for 14 days after last exposure. Reducing the
length of quarantine may make it easier for people to quarantine by reducing
economic hardship if they cannot work during this time. In addition, a shorter
quarantine period can lessen stress on the public health system, especially
when new infections are rapidly rising.

Local public health authorities make the final decisions about how long
quarantine should last in the communities they serve, based on local conditions
and needs. Follow the recommendations of your local public health department if
you to need to quarantine.

CDC now recommends two additional options for how long quarantine should last.
Based on local availability of viral testing, for people without symptoms
quarantine can end:

  • On day 10 without testing
  • On day 7 after receiving a negative test result

After stopping quarantine, people should

  • Watch for symptoms until 14 days after exposure.
  • If they have  symptoms, immediately self-isolate and contact their local public health   authority or healthcare provider.
  • Wear a mask, stay  at least 6 feet from others, wash their hands, avoid crowds, and take  other steps to prevent the
        spread of COVID-19.

CDC continues to endorse quarantine for 14 days and
recognizes that any quarantine shorter than 14 days balances reduced burden
against a small possibility of spreading the virus. CDC will continue to
evaluate new information and update recommendations as needed. See Options to Reduce Quarantine for Contacts of Persons with
SARS-CoV-2 Infection Using Symptom Monitoring and Diagnostic Testing
guidance on options to reduce quarantine”.

Written By:
Mark J. Izzo | Founder & Principal


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