Background Screening Goes with the Workflow

As HR has evolved, the
screening process has gotten faster and easier. Starting out using mail and
telephone as the main source for verifying information was time consuming and tedious.
As technology has improved HR can now go through this process with more ease
and less time spent.


When screening functions are linked to an applicant tracking
system (ATS), candidate data flows directly to the vendor once an investigation
is initiated and the results are immediately stored in the candidate’s file in
the ATS.”

Once a candidate has been selected is it crucial
that employers do not use a onetime only background checks to be sure they are
aware of all new and changing situations. Performing due diligence is a must
before AND after an employee is hired. Going through this process and hiring
someone who has lied on their resume can result in severe negative consequences
for employers. This issue can turn into an extremely expensive mistake for any

Eighty-four percent of employers surveyed for HireRight’s 2016 Employment Screening Benchmark Report indicated
that screening uncovered falsehoods. According to a 2015 study by online job
board and software provider CareerBuilder, 54 percent of small businesses
have caught a lie on an applicant’s resume, most commonly related to their
skills (61 percent) and past responsibilities (55 percent).”

Evolving technology allows recruiters to scan
a resume into the Web to find any inconsistencies on social media and other
sources that have relevant information. Sometimes there can be situations where
discrepancies are found, like a job that wasn’t listed but in this case
employees can explain these issues.

“There’s such a high percentage of people
who exaggerate or lie on their resume, and employers wish there was a way to
somehow catch them in the act,” says Tim Sackett, president of HRU
Technical Resources, an engineering and IT supplemental staffing firm based in
Lansing, Mich.




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