A number of states and local jurisdictions have been
creating their own paid sick leave laws in order to protect employees that are
forced to pick between going to work sick or losing pay. This started back in
2007 as a small, local movement in San Francisco and is now a trend across the
United States. Beginning in early march, nine states, the District of Columbia
and more than 30 municipalities have passed paid sick leave laws that affect
private employers. The legal landscape of it all, continues to change at a
rapid pace.

Some states, specifically Michigan and Indiana
have banned cities from passing paid sick leave laws through municipal
preemption restriction.

Article source: https://www.xperthr.com/fifty-state-charts/municipal-preemption-laws-by-state/22810/?cmpid=ILC%7CUSAG%7CHUSUN-2016-05-Paid_Sick_Leave_WP&sfid=701w0000001ApIh

picture source: pexels.com


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