A Candidate’s World

Not only is it no longer an employers’ market; it is now a candidate’s world. A recruiter now has approximately 15 minutes to engage a candidate at the start of the recruitment process. That candidate, if they are any good, has ten, twenty, thirty or more companies already after them. You, the recruiter, are no longer picking the talent. The talent is picking you.

Candidates have the luxury of considering the
quality of the recruitment process when determining whether or not to accept an
offer. This includes their impression of the Company. Companies now, more so
than ever before, need to stay competitive. Non-traditional and technology lead
options are now almost required.

Gen Z (those born after 1997), were born into
technology. It is natural to them, and how they expect the world to be. As this
generation is now starting to graduate college and enter the workforce,
employers are running into challenges. The experience of the workforce needs to
change, in terms of technology, to accommodate this electronic generation.

In an interview, Tara Wolchkenhauer, vice
president of global HR strategy and planning at ADP recalled back on an
interesting interview had:

 “I just did a FaceTime interview on the platform waiting for
a train, Do I prefer that? Absolutely not. I’d rather see anyone in-person. But
can I accomplish it and be able to give feedback and move it along? Yes.“

At ADP, where they are seeking tech-savvy
candidates, the recruitment methods must mirror that. Digital processes, even
featuring virtual reality or AI, are no longer things of the future. Candidates
may expect a virtual showing of what a typical day at work would look like, and
to attract that top talent, employers are willing to come up with that. 

Yet in this brave new future, we live in, there
are still no flying cars, and the basics of business remain the same. The way
that markets and economies work is not going to change, any time in the
immediate future. The goal still remains to match the career growth
expectations of a candidate, with the ultimately increase engagement to support
the company’s needs. For more information read the full article here.

TL; DR: The job market now
belongs to candidates, especially up-and-coming Gen Z Candidates. Recruiters
need to embrace new technologies to reach them, without losing the basic
principles of business. 


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