Turning Feedback Into Action

After the Survey: Turning Customer Feedback into Action – Digital.gov

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 14% of employees strongly agree that they are inspired to improve by a performance review.

Feedback generally focuses on your blind spots. Here are four ways SHRM recommends turning feedback to your advantage:

  • Learn a new skill. As your manager may have more insight into upcoming projects and organization strategy, use the opportunity to close your skills gap by offering to take on a stretch role or participating in an internal or external training program/course.
  • Be more professional. If you are told you need to be more professional, ask for clarification and advice. “For instance, you could ask your boss for an example of a time you didn’t handle a situation professionally: what could you have done differently?”
  • Take more of a leading role. This typically indicates confidence in your abilities. Rather than ignoring, take the initiative on the next project or work with a leadership coach to identify which of your skills and capabilities would be most valuable to your team.
  • Delegate more. Rather than micromanaging as a new leader, empower your staff to make decisions. You can do so by starting off small to build trust with your team.


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