Workplace environments have changed.

We know COVID-19 has been difficult for individuals and organizations alike. That’s why team building is more important than ever. But how do we connect through the screen? Converge HR will be your resource to navigate these new challenges of the workplace.

Transform Your Workplace

Connect to Your Employees

Increase Employee Retention

Overcome Generational Divides

Our Speakers

Paul Gaskell and Parul Agarwal are both executive coaches with experience in helping organizations and individuals evolve and prosper. In our latest Special Speakers Series, Paul and Parul share their expertise on challenges of team building in the environment built by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we as leaders can overcome them.

Virtual, Hybrid, & Everything in Between



Team building can make or break your workplace. Learn the best ways to bridge the remote gap.



Help your team feel more than just a number. Connection is essential for any organization!



The workplace is evolving – so should you! Learn what’s costing leaders their employees in our new environment.

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