How data can improve your HR

If you’re not using data to drive your HR decisions, you should. This is the groundwork for our latest Converge special speaker series: Using Data to Drive People Decisions. In the next few blogs, we’ll be reviewing contributions from this installment’s featured speakers – Jess Podgajny and Bruce Marable. Today, we’re discussing three major benefits of using data proactively in the workplace. 

Understand workplace trends 

Using data to drive your HR decisions gives you insight into workplace trends that you might not notice otherwise. HR analytics will provide data for nearly every metric you’d care about as a leader, in virtually no time. This means categories like turnover, diversity, engagement, promotion velocity, etc., are all at your fingertips within minutes. Monitoring these metrics will reveal any discrepancies or unequal treatment across departments, cohorts, or specific populations. 

For example, you might notice that your organization isn’t promoting enough women onr people of color. By finding these discrepancies, you can train managers to think differently about how they’re leading and promoting within the organization. And by creating a more equitable process in your leadership decisions, you can encourage more retention, recognition, and upward mobility across all parts of the organization.

Improve employee performance 

Our latest tip for improving employee engagement? Utilize employee-driven data. As leaders, we all need to operate in a way that meets our employees where they are, and understands what they need to be best supported. By allowing employees to share information about themselves, like work style, preferences, skills, areas of weakness, and even personal interests, you can optimize both performance and team connections. This employee-driven data will help you visualize the individual preferences of your team. And if you’re utilizing a team operating system like Jess discussed, it can provide recommendations to streamline your team’s performance. 

The framing and mindset of employee-driven data is a bit different than HR analytics. While they should both be used in conjunction, employee-driven data allows for more approachability. By sharing information at their comfort level, employees will feel encouraged to convey their needs in the workplace.  

That’s not to mention, understanding your employees and how to motivate them will only help your position as a leader. You’ll feel more connected to your team because you have an understanding of them and their needs, and your employees will be more productive because they have a greater sense of connection and belonging in an environment where they feel seen and heard. 

Uncover unconscious biases 

Everyone faces unconscious biases at some point – it’s a part of being human. Company leaders are no exception. Intentional or no, we might use mental shortcuts to make decisions in the workplace. It may seem easy to make an assumption based on what we’re seeing as leaders. But with data, you can get information that you just can’t see by looking over your shoulder in the office. It’s a source of truth, not conjecture. 

This brings up the subject of remote and hybrid work environments. In prevention of unconscious bias, some leaders recommend utilizing data in conjunction with a remote work environment. Why is this? Well, it restricts favoritism. Remote environments give employees and even playing field, and using data to inform your decisions ensure that your actions reflect performance, rather than who comes to your happy hour. 

Are you using data in your people decisions? 

You should be. Check out the full discussion here to learn more about using data to drive your HR decisions. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on this latest installment of the Converge special speaker series! 

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