5 Tips for Retaining Your (Best) Employees

Keeping a great employee is a lot easier than finding great employees. Happy employees reduce turnover and provide stability to the company. So how do you make sure your best employees are happy and don’t leave the company? Hi, my name is XX with Converge HR. Today I want to share with you our five tips for retaining your best employees. 

One: Be flexible and accommodating

  • Flexible hours
  • Don’t make them feel bad for taking time to care for their families or their health
  • Encourage them to use their time off

Two: Keep communication lines open

  • Encourage regular feedback from employees
  • Allow them to come to you with issues without feeling judged
  • Provide them with regular feedback

Three: Encourage professional development

  • Offer opportunities for your employees to improve their skills
  • Compensate, if possible, for education
  • Give time on the clock for professional development hours
  • Encourage employees to seek out and attend professional conferences

Four: Recognize and reward good performance 

  • Call out when people are doing well
  • Utilize a reward recognition system like “Bonusly”
  • Promote from within if someone is doing a good job

Five: Offer competitive compensation and benefits

  • Make benefits a priority so that your employees feel secure in case they or their loved ones fall ill
  • Offer competitive pay 
  • Offer good paid time off packages

Bonus Tip: Create a great workplace culture

  • Culture can go a long way to retaining good employees
  • Foster a healthy and friendly workplace

In short, keeping great employees boils down to making them feel appreciated and part of the team. If you take care of your employees, they will stay for longer, and be more productive. What are your favorite benefits to offer employees? Let us know in the comments below. 


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